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Are you looking for a web hosting service and you can’t decide which hosting service to choose? Which one would be the best fit for your project? What are the key factors that must be considered while selecting a hosting service for your website?

You would probably be having a lot of questions in your mind. With all of the options available in the web hosting market, it is so confusing which service to consider. You don’t need to worry anymore. Because here are some of the best web hosting services for you.

Before you hire any of the hosting services, you will need to look at the pricing plans, services, bonuses, customer care support, and the listed pros and cons. This way you will be in complete confidence with your choice and your budget.

One more thing that you should be well aware of is that there is nothing like a “best” web host. Perhaps you can take the best as the right fit for your project requirement, goals, budgeting and last but not the least expertise and experiences.


The independent web hosting service is not owned by any of the multinational web hosting firms, but it is privately owned and based in Toronto, Canada. Hostpapa offers you a variety of services including shared hosting and VPS servers. They also provide their customers with emails, various complementary services, website builders, and a 24hour support system along with a 1-month money-back guarantee.

Their major focus is on small firms and businesses instead of the blogger community or online operators.

Talking about the foundation of this service, it was founded in the year 2006 and got rapid acceptance among the users in a few years. You would be having questions in your mind regarding their services and the benefits you can get.

So, let’s get started with the pros of Hostpapa web hosting service


Web hosting companies are providing similar services at different prices, varying bonuses, and different renewal prices. Where you can find Hostpapa as a reliable service for its pricing plans that are quite fair and straightforward.

Ownership : Ownership is yet another benefit of their service. Hostpapa is a privately owned firm that one might think is not a bad thing. Independent organizations like HostPapa usually do not have long term capital investments to make continuous changes or we can say improvements, but they are quicker in resolving their customer’s issues and to make amendments to their demand.

Latest updates: In addition to this, they have a network status page that shows all the updates regarding their services. You can simply go to their homepage and find the latest updates there.

Customer Support : Hostpapa is also popular among customers because of its customer support that is available 24/7. Customer support is usually provided when the customers ask for it, but HostPapa continuously updated its customers by making its availability across a range for support channels and their investments in customer support. For their support, you can have them at calls, emails, chat, and social support. You would be amazed to know that their response time is as minimal as a couple of minutes. This means that you won’t have to wait for so long while you have an urgent query

Multilingual support system: You can also find various video tutorials for your visual understanding to resolve your problems such as how to sign up, purchasing, loading your projects, wandering through the interface and lot more. Moreover, they also have multilingual support systems to provide services across the world. They also accept the payments from its clients in various currencies.

Speed : Now coming to the major identifier of best web hosting service, “Speed”. As you know that the major job of any web host is to speedily present the website files whenever you type your domain name. You can measure the speed of the server by TTFB which is time to the first byte. It shows how fast a server can deliver the first byte of the information required. And TTFB for HostPapa is quite good. They are not only doing it fast but they have improved within the last few years as well.


Where there are pros of HostPapa, you would also like to know some of the things which you refer to as the cons.

Openness to users : The interface of Hostpapa is not that user-friendly. You might face a ton of problems when you launch your first-ever project on Hostpapa while onboarding, purchasing, using the service. The process gets even frustrating when you can’t find a way to complete the process. The interface is not as user-friendly as it should be. The overall design of HostPapa is not up to the mark as compared to its competitors

Latest updates : In addition to this, they have a network status page that shows all the updates regarding their services. You can simply go to their homepage and find the latest updates there.

Duration of Money-Back guarantee: Hostpapa is lacking in money-back guarantee duration like it offers only a 1-month guarantee whereas its competitors like HostGator offer 45 days money-back guarantee.

Automatic Backup: They do not have an automatic backup system in their starter plans. Yes, you read it right. In their starter plans, it would be great if they have automatic backups for their clients in case of any loss of data.

Results and conclusions

As a whole, you can say that HostPapa web hosting is really solid for small businesses. You would be glad to know that in the industry where the competition is getting stronger day by day, Host Papa being the independent hosting service, provides you with great products and its promotional activities. There is another plus point for availing Host papa’s hosting services and that is its improvements in their designs, looks, and interface, branding and hosting services. They are working on the user-friendliness of their interface.