The Best Web Hosting Services 2021

Are you looking for a web hosting service and you can’t decide which hosting service to choose? Which one would be the best fit for your project? What are the key factors that must be considered while selecting a hosting service for your website?

You would probably be having a lot of questions in your mind. With all of the options available in the web hosting market, it is so confusing which service to consider. You don’t need to worry anymore. Because here are some of the best web hosting services for you.

Before you hire any of the hosting services, you will need to look at the pricing plans, services, bonuses, customer care support, and the listed pros and cons. This way you will be in complete confidence with your choice and your budget.

One more thing that you should be well aware of is that there is nothing like a “best” web host. Perhaps you can take the best as the right fit for your project requirement, goals, budgeting and last but not the least expertise and experiences.

1. HostPapa web hosting service

The independent web hosting service is not owned by any of the multinational web hosting firms, but it is privately owned and based in Toronto, Canada. Hostpapa offers you a variety of services including shared hosting and VPS servers. They also provide their customers with emails, various complementary services, website builders, and a 24hour support system along with a 1-month money-back guarantee.

Their major focus is on small firms and businesses instead of the blogger community or online operators.

Talking about the foundation of this service, it was founded in the year 2006 and got rapid acceptance among the users in a few years. You would be having questions in your mind regarding their services and the benefits you can get.

So, let’s get started with the pros of Hostpapa web hosting service


  • Ownership : Ownership is yet another benefit of their service. Hostpapa is a privately owned firm that one might think is not a bad thing. Independent organizations like HostPapa usually do not have long term capital investments to make continuous changes or we can say improvements, but they are quicker in resolving their customer’s issues and to make amendments to their demand.
  • Latest updates :  In addition to this, they have a network status page that shows all the updates regarding their services. You can simply go to their homepage and find the latest updates there.
  • Customer Support : Hostpapa is also popular among customers because of its customer support that is available 24/7. Customer support is usually provided when the customers ask for it, but HostPapa continuously updated its customers by making its availability across a range for support channels and their investments in customer support. For their support, you can have them at calls, emails, chat, and social support. You would be amazed to know that their response time is as minimal as a couple of minutes. This means that you won’t have to wait for so long while you have an urgent query.
  • Multilingual support system : You can also find various video tutorials for your visual understanding to resolve your problems such as how to sign up, purchasing, loading your projects, wandering through the interface and lot more. Moreover, they also have multilingual support systems to provide services across the world. They also accept the payments from its clients in various currencies.
  • Speed : Now coming to the major identifier of best web hosting service, “Speed”. As you know that the major job of any web host is to speedily present the website files whenever you type your domain name. You can measure the speed of the server by TTFB which is time to the first byte. It shows how fast a server can deliver the first byte of the information required. And TTFB for HostPapa is quite good. They are not only doing it fast but they have improved within the last few years as well.

Where there are pros of HostPapa, you would also like to know some of the things which you refer to as the cons.


  • Openness to users : The interface of Hostpapa is not that user-friendly. You might face a ton of problems when you launch your first-ever project on Hostpapa while onboarding, purchasing, using the service. The process gets even frustrating when you can’t find a way to complete the process. The interface is not as user-friendly as it should be. The overall design of HostPapa is not up to the mark as compared to its competitors
  • Duration of Money-Back guarantee : Hostpapa is lacking in money-back guarantee duration like it offers only a 1-month guarantee whereas its competitors like HostGator offer 45 days money-back guarantee.
  • Automatic Backup : They do not have an automatic backup system in their starter plans. Yes, you read it right. In their starter plans, it would be great if they have automatic backups for their clients in case of any loss of data.

Results and Conclusions

As a whole, you can say that HostPapa web hosting is really solid for small businesses. You would be glad to know that in the industry where the competition is getting stronger day by day, Host Papa being the independent hosting service, provides you with great products and its promotional activities. There is another plus point for availing Host papa’s hosting services and that is its improvements in their designs, looks, and interface, branding and hosting services. They are working on the user-friendliness of their interface.

2. GreenGeeks web hosting service

Greengeek's web hosting service was founded by Trey Gardner in the year 2008. This web hosting service is unique for those businesses who are in search of eco-friendly service.

You might be thinking about the eco-friendly service. Let’s get to know what it is? Eco-friendly hosting involves the use of environment-friendly technology to reduce environmental hazards and their impacts on our lives. Their major focus is on the green customers and their apprehensions about the environment.

This web hosting service is working for more than a decade now. Having worked with a larger web hosting organization, this firm has gained vast experience and extensive benefits. This firm holds the core team of highly experienced professionals that have transformed GreenGeeks into a stable, competitive and healthy organization. Greengeeks has served more than 35000 clients with various websites reaching up to figure of 300,000 websites. Being the eco-friendly web hosting service, this organization has dedicated itself to leave the optimistic energy footprints by replacing utilized energy with three-time of the energy credits.

You would be pleased to know that market intelligence firm IDC has expected that the information processed by the businesses will increase by more than 50% in the next ten years. This means that there will be a distinguished change in the number of servers working to handle and process the information through advancement in technology will also be made.

Let’s now take a closer view of Greengeeks' pros and cons to see if this firm can outperform in the field of web hosting services as compared to its competitors.

Greengeeks' headquarter is based in Agoura Hills, CA, founded in the year 2008. The offering of Greengeeks services includes Shared hosting, VPS, and Reseller hosting.


  • Eco-Friendly: Greengeeks web hosting organization claims that it provides 300% eco-friendly web hosting driven by renewable energy. As stated earlier, it replaces the utilized energy with three times of energy.
  • Speed: Speed is the key factor that will boost up your domain searches. Greengeeks offers HTTP/2 enabled services that are sufficient enough to understand the speed of their results. The TTFB (time to the first byte) of Greengeeks as recorded in the trail for UK servers is 0.120 seconds which is pretty good.
  • Server Locations: The choice of server’s location also impacts the speed and quality of service. For Greengeeks, servers are located in Toronto, Chicago, Phoenix, and Amsterdam.
  • Customer Support: Greengeeks has an advanced scope for customer support and is highly recommended by BBB (Better Business Bureau) and awarded an “A” by its clients. It is because they have provided their customer with 24/7 customer support via emails, live chats, and phone calls.


What is not good about Greengeeks is

  • Setup fee: They charge a setup fee for domains that is non-refundable. Though they offer you a 30-days money-back guarantee this does not include the installation charges and domain cost. The cancellation charges are $15 within the first 30 days.
  • Increase in price during renewal: You can see the price range of Greengeeks as $2.95/$3.95/$4.95 but they are only applicable when you register for the first time. When you go for renewing your hosting plan, after the first term, you will have to pay $9.95 per month, that’s quite a lot.

3. Hostinger web hosting

Hostinger web hosting service was founded in the year 2004 in Lithuania though they were not released in the market till 2007. They launched their first-ever web hosting plans in 2008 on Gradually and continuously making small changes in the organization finally came on the sight in 2011. You must be thinking why this company is in the list of best web hosting organizations? This company is relatively new as compared to its rivals, but in a very short period, this organization has earned 29 M clients based in 178 countries.

Hostinger web hosting services are best known for their lower costs as compared to their competitors. You may find this website on top of the list when you search for cheap web hosting services.

If you are looking for cheaper web hosting options for your website, you just need to consider Greengeeks hosting services.


  • Uptime: Before you choose any web hosting service you need to know the value for money. You must weigh your needs against the cost. Hostinger has cheaper uptime rates in the industry with an average of 99.8% uptimes which can drop to 99.04% in some moths of the year. If you are running a small business, you don’t certainly need to worry. The uptime rates are good enough for small firms.

    Fast loading speed: Hostinger is the cheap web hosting service, has an astonishingly fast speed of loading. Their servers’ response rate is 43 millisecond which is quite good for such a cheap host.

    Money-back guarantee: Hostinger offers you a 30-day money-back guarantee just like others. They give you this 1 month to make up your mind and if not satisfies, you can definitely go and take your money back. This should be a healthy reason for choosing them to host for you.
    Customer Support: Customer support is the only part where your decisions are finalized. The best web hosting services with poor customer support lose hindered users within minutes. Therefore, to achieve success, the response rate and customer support must be strong. Hostinger live chat is quite reliable, easy and fast.

    Moreover, their response time is less than a minute. You can also get their help from articles published on their website.

    User-Interface: Hostinger, the dashboard is super easy to understand to surf through. Even the non-experienced person can manage the website with great ease. The large icons allow you to understand and access quickly. You can also install their apps like word press and access your account from there.

    The administrative dashboard of Hostinger is fantastically easy to use. It’s very straightforward, even if you don’t have much experience with web hosting or managing a website.


  • Refund policy: Hostinger gives you a 1-month money-back guarantee but it is worth mentioning here that it does not include certain products in this refund policy. Redemption feeds

    SEO toolkit
    G Suite
    Privacy protection
    Domain name renewals
  • Difficulties in accessing support: Hostinger has a reliable and fast support system but if you are not logged into your account or you have forgotten your password, you will have to go through a lot of mess to access their support through live chat especially in single shared hosting plans that too without any add-ons.

4. Bluehost web hosting service

Bluehost web hosting service is popular among users because of its service features and customer support. All of the web hosting plans offered by Bluehost contains 24/7 live chat support for its clients with at least 5 email accounts. They also have improved security, backup plans, and a free SSL certificate to keep your website or blog secured. Their overall performance rating fo Bluehost web hosting service is at the top with a load time of 0.4 seconds and uptime of 99.99%.


  • Best Uptime: The uptimes are 99.99 percent is pretty high, thus you can consider it as the best web host. Since uptime is a critical aspect that needs to cover? If your website is down, obviously your user will not be able to access it. Therefore, good uptimes should be one of the top priorities.
  • Load speed: After uptime, load speed is the second important aspect that can greatly impact your website in making or breaking its existence. It has been seen from a report by Google that a variety of mobile websites are quite slow. This is due to the slow load speed. The average load speed of Bluehost is 398 millisecond which is at the 4th place when it comes to the fastest hosting services.
  • Cheaper rates: Bluehost web hosting plans start to form $3.95 per month which has been reduced from $7.99 per month. This price range contains almost everything needed for a single website. It contains unmetered bandwidth, 50 GB of storage capacity, SSL certificates and lot more.
  • Security options: Greengeeks was the one famous for cheaper rates but you can see Bluehost in its competition. Despite their lower rates, they do not skip the crucial factors like security. As Stated above, Bluehost provides its clients with great security options by providing them with free SSL certificates. Their plans also contain a privacy feature for the domain that keeps the private information safe from hackers. Site Locks keep you safe from malware attacks. A code guard is yet another security feature that provides daily backup for your data.


  • Renewal rates: Bluehost web hosting services have higher renewal rates for their hosting plans after the expiry of their introductory periods. Their prices can go all the way up to $7.99 to $8.99 per month that was only $3.95 at the start. 
  • Site migrations: Bluehost does not provide its clients with free migrations. But instead, they charge a onetime fee of $149.99 that contains migration up to 5 websites with 20 email accounts.

5. Hostgator web hosting services

It has been more than 10 years, Hostgator is offering its services to the clients. Hostgator is not only regarded for a large number of its working servers, but for the steady and unwavering quality. Hostgator is quite reliable when you talk about common facilitations such as VPS substitute for you to measure your website.

HostGator offers not too bad highlights in its essential shared facilitating contributions, for example, boundless circle space, a decent control board, and free site layouts. HostGator costs somewhat more than a portion of the other spending plan criticized for shared hosts, however, that reverberations the brand's notoriety for a solid foundation and accommodating help.


  • Limitless disk storage capacity, e-mails, and bandwidth on all of their plans
  • Easy to use control panel with a simplified layout
  • Custom website builder with free drag and drop
  • 45-Day money-back guarantee
  • No contracts required for guarantee.
  • Above all, 63% off of your first three years
  • Hostgator Offers a variety of products ranging from shared hosting, dedicated hosting, VPS hosting, cloud, domain registrations, website building, and reselling.
  • The company is primarily known for the shared hosting services along with mastering what it takes to create an amazing customer experience. They know the needs of their clients and serve them well.
  • They have some bonuses in all of their hosting plans that include, Unlimited disk space, bandwidth, free website builders, tools, hundreds of website templates, and unlimited MySQL catalogs.
  • Great customer support and 45-Day Money back guarantee with 99.9% uptime is something that will surely serve your needs well.


  • No free domain: Hostgator does not offer its clients free domain when you complete the registration process after signing up, whereas most of its competitors offer free domains.